Wheelbarrow Dinghy Wood-Parts-Only Kit

The Wheelbarrow boat combines functionality with good looks.  A wheel under the bow combined with a system of utilizing the oars as handles allows the boat to be transported overland like a wheelbarrow.  It has been carefully designed to also provide optimal performance and functionality on the water as well.  It can be used as a tender or a general recreational boat.   The vessel is made using stitch and glue construction, and is suitable for novice builders.

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Wood-Only Package Contents

The Wheelbarrow Dinghy wood-only kit includes the cnc-cut plywood parts, mahogany gunwales, rub strips, cedar seat and precision-cut dimensional lumber for the wheel well. It also comes with a comprehensive build manual and plans drawings.

List of Included Items

  • CNC Cut Okoume (Lloyds Approved BS1088)d European Marine Plywood Components 
  • Dimensional Wood Components: Red cedar seat, gunwales, wheel-well structural components, rub strips
  • Plans Drawings
  • Paper Manual
  • PDF manual (on request)

For those wishing to also purchase the wheel and oarlock package, it can be found here.

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