Hollow-Shaft Wooden Sculling Oar Kit

If you’ve spent months building a gorgeous wooden rowing vessel, a pair of gleaming varnished sculling oars are the icing on the cake. The shaft is constructed to the same specs that have been developed by top engineers, and tried and tested for decades in the competitive racing world. We have tweaked the blade shape and design to simplify construction and spent months dissecting the build process to create a simple step-by-step method that can be accomplished by first time oar builders.

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Kit Contents

Oar kits include template pieces cut with CNC accuracy, 2.5 oz and 6 oz fiberglass, oar buttons, wood flour and other materials required for the build. You will need to supply the wood and epoxy  for construction of the oars.

The template allows you to easily transcribe the blade shape onto the wood. Our full-sized plans are printed on a 10’ x 3’ sheet and are accompanied by a 27-page illustrated manual.  Note, the cnc plywood templates are not used as a structural material, but simply an easy and precise way to transcribe the cut shapes onto your wood.


List of Included Items

  • Detailed Manual (See Sample Chapter)
  • Full-Sized Plans (See Plans Page)
  • CNC Cut Plywood Templates
  • Swath of 2.5 oz Fiberglass
  • Swath of 6 oz Fiberglass
  • 2 Oar Buttons
  • Wood Flour

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