Cambridge Racer Kit

The Cambridge Racer is a performance rowing shell designed specifically for speed. It is fastest in calm conditions, however, is shaped to perform well in open water conditions for advanced rowers. Attributes that allow this rowing shell to move easily through the water include a long waterline length, narrow beam, minimal wetted area (through strategic shaping and a rounder hull with six panels), light weight and low windage. As well as offering good performance, the boat is stable (for a rowing shell), and can manage a two foot chop (with experienced rowers). The boat can be re-entered after capsizing and only a few gallons of water need to be bailed from the cockpit. With the addition of a self-bailer, the Cambridge Racer is a good open water rowboat in moderate conditions.

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The Cambridge Racer Kit includes the marine plywood parts, dimensional wood components, fiberglass, epoxy resin, and all other components necessary for building the boat. It also comes with a manual and standard plans.  Parts are CNC cut from Jouberts (France) Okoume plywood, with our SnapTite jointing system for connecting the hull panels.

Hardware and plans for the sliding seat system are not included in the kit.  These can be purchased here: Sliding Seat Kit. 



  • CNC Cut Okoume (Lloyds Approved BS1088) Marine Plywood Components 
  • Detailed Manual
  • Sheer Clamps
  • 2 gallons Epoxy Resin 
  • 1 gallon Epoxy Hardener 
  • 3 oz fiberglass cloth for sheathing the vessel
  • Fiberglass tape
  • 2 lbs Wood Flour 
  • 1 quart Microballoons 
  • 2 Syringes
  • 25 Epoxy Measuring containers 12 oz 
  • 8 Epoxy Measuring containers 24 oz
  • 25 pairs Disposable Gloves 
  • 120 ft 18 Gauge Copper Wire 
  • 10 ft Waxed Paper 
  • 10 Disposable 2" brushes 
  • 8 Foam rollers 
  • 1 Roller tray 
  • 1 Roller handle 
  • 5 spatulas (2")
  • 25 Tongue depressors 
  • 10 Miniature tongue depressors 
  • 5 Heavy Duty Ziploc bags
  • 2oz Bronze ring nails 
  • 2 round hatches (5") plus hardware 
  • 2 epoxy spreaders (8")

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