Angus Rowboats is the premier producer of performance rowboat plans and kits. Our boats are expedition tested and have broken records including fastest time around Vancouver Island and first boat under 20' in the Race to Alaska (R2AK).

Our unique, expertly crafted boat designs include boats geared for expeditions, racing, sailing, camping and teaching boating to children.  All our boats are built using stitch and glue construction. Stitch and glue is ideal for beginner builders, while resulting in remarkably strong and lightweight boats. Amateur and experienced boat builders from around the world have built Angus Rowboats designs.

Expedition Rowboat

Expedition boat plans and boat kitsThis boat is seaworthy, fast (can sprint over 8 miles per hr), comfortable and capable of carrying supplies for a month-long unsupported expedition. The decked hull keeps water out in rough weather and it tracks well in all conditions. This vessel was used in a 4,300 mile journey from the north of Scotland to Syria that was documented in the book Rowed Trip: From Scotland to Syria by Oar and set a record for fastest time around Vancouver Island.

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Length: 18 feet (5.49 m)
Weight: 85 lbs (38.5 kg)

Sailing RowCruiser

Sailing RowCruiser boat plansThe Sailing RowCruiser is a fast versatile boat that can be used as a sailboat, rowboat or both. This sailing system uses a trimaran setup that has been carefully designed so the sliding seat rowing system is not impeded by the amas (outriggers) or the sailing rig. It is stable and fast, easily reaching speeds of 12 knots sailing. With its comfy cabin and roomy cockpit, this is an ideal boat for a day on the water or a multi-day voyage.

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Length: 19 feet (5.7 m)
Weight: 220 lbs (99.8 kg)


The Cruising Rowboat offers comfortable, 100% weathertight sleeping accommodation along with exceptional performance. This boat is ideal for the long-distance rower who doesn't want to struggle setting up camp each night. At the end of a long day exploring, simply drop the anchor in a sheltered cove and your accomodation awaits. This unique vessel will turn heads wherever you go.

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Length: 19 feet (5.7 m)
Weight: 148 lbs (67.2 kg) 

Cambridge Racer

The Cambridge Racer is a performance rowing shell designed specifically for speed. It is fastest in calm conditions, however, is shaped to perform well in open water conditions for advanced rowers. Attributes that allow this rowing shell to move easily through the water include a long waterline length, narrow beam, minimal wetted area (through strategic shaping and a rounder hull with six panels), light weight and low windage.

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Length: 23 feet 3 inches (7.09 m)
Weight: 38 lbs (17.2 kg)

Bumblebee Sailboat

The Bumblebee is a motor sailor for the pint-sized mariner. This boat is perfect for kids aged 2-5, and is the only boat on the market that allows children this young to learn to sail. Our goal was not only to develop a sailboat suitable for young children, but also to develop a system that appeals to their sense of learning. Learning to sail with the Bumblebee relies on the process of play and learning through trial and error instead of commands or instructions.

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Length: 4 feet 6.5 inches (1.39 m)
Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)

Oxford Wherry

For those looking for classic wooden beauty combined with modern performance and functionality, this is the boat for you. Weighing only 53 lbs, this boat is fast, seaworthy and can be used as a multi-day touring craft, a family boat, an exercise tool or a decoration for your property. It can be set up for fixed or sliding seat rowing, or even paddled as a canoe. Three adults can comfortably be accommodated. The hull is shaped for stability and speed while flotation chambers provide additional safety. Gunwales and trim are true mahogany and the seats are made from western red cedar. Gorgeous!

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Length: 15 feet 10 inches (4.88 m)
Weight: 53 lbs (27 kg)


Wheelbarrow Dinghy

The wheelbarrow boat has been carefully designed to address the most challenging issue with small boats - how to portage or transport them on land.  While this boat doesn't look any different than a typical tender, it's actually a wheelbarrow in disguise.  A wheel built into the bow combined with a system of converting the oars into handles allows you to easily transport your boat and gear overland.

Despite the versatility, the vessel is very light and can carry up to 400 lbs.  The vessel itself is a stable recreational craft that moves easily through the water by oar.

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Length: 7' 9"(238 cm)
Weight: 48 lbs (22 kg)


We offer a variety of accessories including sliding seat and rigger units, oars, and sailing conversion systems.  Find out more.