About Us

We love boats and we love exploring. That’s why our mission is to make the
best performance boats that allow you to explore the way you want to, whether it’s racing across calm waters in a shell, taking the kids to an island for a camping trip or going on a multi-day expedition.
Our boats are built with a focus on details to create the most comfortable, seaworthy, performance boats possible. We have spent decades learning all we can about small boats and testing them in demanding situations. It takes
months, even years, to create a new boat because we want to make sure that it is the best boat it can be. Once the prototype is developed it under goes strenuous testing to ensure it performs superbly and that every detail is perfect. Only then do we begin to manufacture plans and kits.

Our boats have been put through some gruelling tests, by us and by our customers. They have set a speed record circumnavigating Vancouver Island’s 700-mile coastline, come if first for boats under 20 feet in the Race to Alaska (R2AK), and have travelling 4500 miles across Europe and Asia. But our boats are for more than races or expeditions, and are just as comfortable to use for a day on the water or an hour.

Angus Rowboats was co-founded in 2009 by adventurers Julie and Colin Angus. This husband and wife team have long loved boats and exploring. They are winners of the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award and have collectively rowed more than 25,000 miles in a variety of oar-powered craft on oceans, rivers and lakes. Some of their accomplishments include the first row across the Atlantic Ocean from mainland to mainland, first row across the North Pacific and first circumnavigation of the world by human power

To learn more about our expeditions please visit www.angusadventures.com.