Wheel and Oarlock Package for Wheelbarrow Dinghy

This package includes the key hardware to complete the wheelbarrow dinghy from plans.  It includes a lightweight (yet strong) wheel, custom wheel hub hardware, oarlocks, oar sockets and oar collars.  The oar collars are sized to work perfectly with the oar keyholes in the stern of the boat, providing a perfect friction fit when the oars are angled and is made of tough ABS.  Oar sockets and wheel hardware are 316 stainless steel.

The oarlocks are made from stainless steel coated with tough nylon for sound attenuating qualities (quieter than straight metal) and reduced friction.

This same package is included in the wheelbarrow boat kits.  Please note that only one pair of the 316 stainless oarlock sockets and oarlocks is included.  Additional oarlocks and oarlock sockets can be purchased from our store.




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