Stainless 316 Oarlock Sockets

The market is full of brass and nickel-plated oarlocks and oarlock sockets, but for the corrosive maritime environment bronze and stainless steel are the only way to go.  Our oarlock sockets are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, and will provide years of service.  They are screwed to the gunwale or mounting block from the sides and the top providing a much more robust connection (most of the forces translate to sheer forces on the screws, rather than pulling on them, compared to affixment on a single plane). A nylon insert significantly reduces the noise of the oarlock moving within the oar socket and makes for smoother action.  They can accommodate a half inch oarlock shank.  Note that these are for fixed seat rowing, not for sliding seat rowing.  These are sold as pairs and stainless mounting screws are included.

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