I bought a b̶o̶a̶t̶, I mean a pile of plywood and epoxy

  • Sailing row cruiser kit from duck works. I'll need to get a storage unit/work shop rented before it gets here. How big was the package when shipped to you? 

  • Got the storage unit rented. Hopefully the heavy builders paper I put down will catch the stray epoxy drip. I will probably put plastic down under an area I'm doing a lot of it

  • A 10x20 unit fills up fast! For those who've got theirs done already, do you think the rich conditions are going to be a problem for me? 

  • Epoxy kit, and 30' of carbon fiber tubing. Rock west composites had them on clearance. If I got them in the length I wanted, the shipping quote was over $1700. Cut in half it came to $36. Looks like I get to learn about bonding carbon and ferrules

  • Interesting idea for a work space. I think that's a good call on putting paper down. I left a few dozen epoxy drips on my garage concrete.

    As far as the size, I can only compare to the Oxford wherry I built. That boat is 16 ft long by 38 in wide and I built it in a work space 17 ft long by 6 ft wide. It was tight in some steps but doable in the end. I suspect you'll be fine in your 20x10 workspace for the 19 ft x 44 in Rowcruiser.

  • So after much anticipation I finally got the shipping notification on the plywood portion of my kit. I was out of state, and the race was on. Who would get there first, me or the boat.

    I was mere hours from home when I got two pieces of news. 1) one of the boxes had been delivered, 2) UPS had damaged the other box so severely that instead of delivering it, or returning it to the sender, they took it upon themselves to throw it away.

    I didn't even know such a thing was possible. So now I've got half a kit, with pieces of row cruiser and pieces of sailboat add-on, with no real idea of what parts are in the box they discarded, and what parts may have fallen out of the box they actually delivered but had busted open. 

  • My gosh that's awful. I've never heard of that happening either from a parcel company. It's almost like they took it upon themselves to throw away evidence of their incompetence. They should have just delivered it so you and the vendor could figure out what was left and  where to go next...

    That damaged box must have been busted to smithereens. 😬🫣

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