Happy Rowing in 2013

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Happy New Year! Well, the world didn’t end, so it’s time to start planning new adventures and new projects. Here at Angus Rowboats we’ve got all sorts of exciting plans for lucky 2013 – from going ahead and releasing our first kits, to testing our new open model, the Salamander by attempting to break a speed record on the Yukon River. 2012 was a very busy year for our adventuring business, leaving little time for us to further develop Angus Rowboats. This year, however, the rowboat business is on the front burner, and we are looking forward to releasing plans for the Cruising Rowboat and the Salamander. We are also preparing to release our first full kits – starting with the Salamander and then the Expedition. Earlier, we mentioned the possibility of entering in the world’s most gruelling race, the GB Challenge, a 5000 km non-stop rowing race around Great Britain. After giving it much thought, we’ve decided it’s simply too much of a time commitment. We could either spend the next six months preparing and training for the race, or we could get spend the time developing plans and kits for our new models. We haven’t, however, totally abandoned our racing plans. With Steve Price of Oklahoma, I will be attempting to break the all time speed record of voyaging by human power from Whitehorse to Dawson City along the Yukon River. We will be using our new open boat, the Salamander, and will be sprinting around the clock to complete the 700 km journey in about two days. This is one challenge that should quickly get us into shape. Speaking of getting in shape, it’s that time of year when everybody is thinking about burning off some Christmas lard. I recently read an interesting article in Men’s Health where they say rowing machines offer the best total body workout exercising large muscles and blasting fat. The only problem is exercise machines can be a bit monotonous. The beauty of our boats is they offer exactly the same workout (with a sliding seat rowing system), however, time flies when you’re on the water. So, if you’re really serious about getting a washboard (and rowing does create washboards!), you know what you have to do. We hope that 2013 treats all of you well, and here at Angus Adventures we’ll raise a glass of rum to all of you planning watery adventures.



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Mick Thompson
Mick Thompson

October 28, 2016

As your forum is no longer working ?? could you please let me know when the Salamander plans will be available


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