First Kits have been Cut

by 2352

We’ve CNC cut our first run of ten sets of wood components for our Oxford Wherry (AKA the Salamander) and are very[caption id="attachment_1862" align="alignright" width="300"] Interlocking Finger joints for Angus Rowboat kits[/caption] pleased with the results. The basic wood shapes are fairly easy to cut with a robotic cutter, however, our precise interlocking finger system for joining the long hull panels required the utmost of precision for them to mesh properly. We’re relieved the design works exactly as we envisioned. We’ve seen some rough systems for joining hull panels, and wanted to make sure that the engineering behind our own finger joints is as advanced as possible. The more we researched and experimented, the more we learned how many factors come into play with a basic finger joint – essentially it’s an engineering puzzle that we bounced around in our heads for a few weeks to get just perfect. But a perfect joint relies on more than just good engineering; it also requires a very precise cut, which we’re pleased our CNC guy was able to achieve. For more info on the science behind our joints, we will soon have a page explaining the mechanics behind our joints in detail. Before we start selling the Oxford Wherry kits in our store, we will first build a complete boat from our pre-cut components to ensure all is perfect. Simultaneously, we will also create an instructional video. Kits for the wherry will be available in a few weeks followed shortly after by our other models (Expedition next). We also have completed the cutting and compiling of components for our full sliding rigger kits. These kits include the cut wood components, rowing hardware, stainless steel, epoxy, fiberglass and everything else to complete the rigger kits (assemble time is 4-5 hours). These kits are high cost and high labor on our end (in other words, not a money maker), but we feel it is essential to provide an economical quality sliding seat rigger system to go with our boats. The sliding rigger kits will be available on our online store later next week along with videos photos and other information. And finally, for the hundreds of you that have inquired into when the Cruiser Rowboat is ready, I’m afraid it will be a bit of time yet. We’re working as fast as we can, but want to make sure we get everything done right. At this point we’re striving to get it ready by September. Our apologies for those that have waited so long, and we will keep you posted.



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