Oxford Wherry Kits and Yukon Rowing

by 2352

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="500"]Oxford Wherry Kits availableThe Oxford Wherry is a versatile craft that can carry three adults, is fast, and has looks to match[/caption]Busy,busy busy! We’ve been working hard developing kits for each of our boat models, and are slowly getting there. The adventuring side of our business has also been keeping us on our toes and over the next month we will be travelling all over the globe from Portugal to the Yukon River. Most of our traveling is related to our motivational speaking business, however, my trip to the Yukon River is to attempt to break the human powered speed record voyaging from Whitehorse to Dawson City (444 miles). I’ll be attempting the quest with Steve Price from Oklahoma, and we’ll be rowing our newly designed Oxford Wherry, which is ideal for this challenge. We’ll be voyaging around the clock, each taking turns at the oars, and if all goes well, we’ll cover the distance in just under two days. For those interested in following the journey, we’ll be posting live updates at www.angusadventures.com. Despite limited time, the kits are coming along well. Kits for our new design, the Oxford Wherry are now available. Everything you need to complete this functional eye-catching vessel is included in the packages. Creating boat kits is a detail orientated exercise, so it’s taken a little longer than anticipated. Everything from converting all the files to CAD, to designing our SnapTite TM jointing system to sourcing quality materials from across North America takes patience and time. Currently, as I write, the first run of CNC (robotic cutting) cut panels for our Expedition boat are being completed, and we’re excited to be so close to finally having our flagship model, the Expedition, in kit form. Because we’re so busy over the next six weeks, the Expedition kit won’t be available until July, but it is getting close… Also stay tuned for our construction videos for the Oxford Wherry and the rigger sliding seat kits. We’ve done the filming, and are hoping to have the videos edited by July.



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