Wheelbarrow Dinghy Full-Sized Plans and Manual

The Wheelbarrow boat combines functionality with good looks.  A wheel under the bow combined with a system of utilizing the oars as handles allows the boat to be transported overland like a wheelbarrow.  It has been carefully designed to also provide optimal performance and functionality on the water as well.  It can be used as a tender or a general recreational boat.   The vessel is made using stitch and glue construction, and is suitable for novice builders.

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Plans Package Contents

The Wheelbarrow Full-Sized Plans and Manual includes a 58 page illustrated manual, a four page paper plans booklet printed on 24x36 sheets, and full-sized plans of all the wood components including the hull panels. The hull panels are illustrated using high-quality laser printing on durable sheets almost 14 feet in length. Duplication of the hull panels is easy and accurate, and they can be traced directly onto your plywood.

You can also add on DXF files for the marine plywood parts.  This will allow you to have the pieces cut out at a local CNC shop. DXF files can only be ordered as an add-on to the plans package and cost an additional $30. To order DXF files select yes in the drop-down menu below. They can be downloaded as soon as your order is completed. 

 A suitable addition to the plans is our hardware package that includes wheel, wheel hardware, oarlocks and oar collars. The wheel can be sourced independently, or our Wheelbarrow Boat hardware kit can be purchased from our store.  The hardware kit includes wheel, hub, mounting hardware, oarlocks and perfectly sized oar collars to work with transom keyholes. The Wheelbarrow Boat hardware kit can be purchased here.


List of Included Items

  • Detailed Manual
  • Full-sized Plans 



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