Bumblebee Sailboat Downloadable Plans

The Bumblebee is for the pint-sized mariner. This boat is perfect for kids aged 2-5 and is the only boat on the market that allows children this young to learn to sail. Our goal was not only to develop a sailboat suitable for young children, but also to develop a system that appeals to their sense of learning. Learning to sail with the Bumblebee relies on the process of play and learning through trial and error instead of commands or instructions. They can first learn to steer with the motor, and the sail can later be introduced when the child has mastered the tiller and is comfortable with the boat.

Click here to learn more about the Bumblebee Sailboat.

Plans Package Contents

This package includes the manual and full-sized plans that you can download and either print on your home computer or get printed at a print store. When you order downloadable plans, you receive the exact same files we use to print the plans pages and manual. The plans can be sent to your local printer for printing, while the manual can be printed on a home computer or read online. In addition, you will receive a plans booklet, an innovative system that allows you to print full-sized plans on your home computer and join them to create full sized plans.

Watch a video of how to assemble full-sized plans from the Bumblebee Plans Booklet printed on a home printer.

Downloadable plans are ideal for those who want to start building right away or are located outside of North America (we ship internationally but depending on where you are it can take longer and shipping prices are higher).

Click here to see the list of supplies you will need to build this boat. 

You can also add on DXF files for the marine plywood parts.  This will allow you to have the pieces cut out at a local CNC shop. DXF files can only be ordered as an add-on to the plans package and cost an additional $20. To order DXF files select yes in the drop-down menu below. They will be sent to you by email when your order ships.

List of Included Items 

  • Detailed Manual File
  • Full-Sized Plans file to print at local printer (See Bumblebee Study Plans Page)
  • Full-Sized Plans Booklet file to print on home printer and assemble

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