Wheelbarrow Dinghy Complete Kit

The Wheelbarrow boat combines functionality with good looks.  A wheel under the bow combined with a system of utilizing the oars as handles allows the boat to be transported overland like a wheelbarrow.  It has been carefully designed to also provide optimal performance and functionality on the water as well.  It can be used as a tender or a general recreational boat.   The vessel is made using stitch and glue construction, and is suitable for novice builders.

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Kit Package Contents

The Wheelbarrow Dinghy Kit includes the plywood parts, mahogany gunwales, fiberglass, epoxy resin, stainless oarlock sockets and all other components necessary for building the boat. It also comes with a comprehensive build manual and standard plans.  

The only additional items required are a few basic hand tools, sandpaper and paint/varnish. 

Please note: Due to shipping constraints, the kit version of the boat has been scaled down 1% (about 1" shorter) from the original version.  This has negligible impact on overall performance, but the boat is very slightly smaller.

List of Included Items

  • Wheel and wheel mounting hardware
  • Oar collars sized for our oarlock keyholes
  • One pair 316 stainless oarlock sockets for 1/2" oarlocks
  • 3 round hatches (inspection ports) and fastening hardware
  • CNC Cut Okoume (Lloyds Approved BS1088) Marine Plywood Components.  See illustration of all wood components here.
  • Dowels
  • Dimensional Wood Components: Red cedar seat, gunwales, wheel-well pieces
  • 2 gallons Epoxy Resin
  • 1 gallon Epoxy Hardener 
  • 10 yards Fibreglass Cloth 6oz (50" wide)
  • Fumed Silica
  • 1 lb Wood Flour
  • 6 Syringes
  • 30 Epoxy Measuring containers 12 oz 
  • 8 Epoxy Measuring containers 24 oz 
  • Box Disposable Gloves 
  • 120' 18 gauge Copper Wire 
  • Waxed Paper 
  • 20 Disposable 2" Brushes 
  • 6 Foam rollers 
  • 1 Roller tray
  • 1 Roller Handle
  • 4 Spatulas (2")
  • 8" spreaders
  • 25 Tongue Depressors
  • 5 Miniature Tongue Depressors
  • 24,000 word illustrated print manual (digital pdf available on request)
  • plans

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