4 ml vs 6 ml plywood for the RowCruiser Hull

  • Hello - Shortly I'm going to be getting plywood for my RowCruiser Build.  I've noticed one source mentioning 4 mm panels being used for the hull, and another stating 6 mm.  Which is the better thickness to use for the hull?

  • Hi Richard.  Originally, we recommended 6mm plywood for the RowCruiser hull panels with fiberglass just on the outside and just glass strips (along the seams) and an epoxy seal on the inside .  We then tested 4 mm panels with full glass on both sides, and found strength was about the same (or even a little stronger) with a lower cost and slightly less weight.  Overall, both ways are fine, allowing greater flexibility depending on available wood, however, 4 ml is probably slightly preferable.

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