Introducing my Expedition, called Fada.

  • Hello Boat Builders,

    I want to introduce Fada.

    Fada was launched on May 5th 2024....and I'm bursting with pride!!!
    Right now I'm in the midst of simply trying to get it to go in a straight line! Once achieved I'll venture out onto sheltered bays...then the gorgeous Shannon Estuary, and then the beautiful Galway Bay. Big adventures await for sure!!

    So, stick at it builders! The sense of accomplishment is enormous!!

    Kind Regards,


    PS-  Fada is the irish word for 'Long' (of extent, distance, duration) and you can learn the pronuncation here (


  • Well done!  I imagine along the serrated coast of Ireland there must be a plethora of beautiful little bays and coves to explore.  Have fun with that!

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