Priming the hull with epoxy before applying the fiberglass.

  • I've noticied in youtube videos some recommend priming the wood before glassing.

    Any thoughts?


  • That is a good question, but the answer as usual is, depends on what you are doing. I prime with epoxy prior to applying glass tape because it is easy to move around and straighten up. I almost never prime (wet lay-up) prior to laying down any fabric under 10 oz. Once the 50 inch wide cloth contacts the epoxy it is hard to move into the correct position. If you have a group of friends to help out it is easily done, but I typically work alone. Twelve and 17 oz biaxial cloth can be manipulated around on a wet layup but the fabric weave can get a little distorted. 
    For a boat like the Rowcruiser, I like to prime the wood with epoxy and get a coat over the fillers and wood. After it cures, I sand it lightly with 80 grit in preparation for the fiberglass application. This coat seals the wood and it is easier for me to apply a clean epoxy coat to the 6 oz fiberglass cloth. The Gougeon Brothers wrote a fantastic book about these techniques that can be found on the West System web site. Here is a photo of my primed and sanded RC prior to 50 inch wide glass application. Enjoy your boat building!

  • Looks good

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