Expedition Paint and Varnish Quantity

  • I built my Expedition at my summer cottage last fall but didn't sand and paint it yet.  I'm planning to varnish the deck and paint the hull.  I won't be able to source quality paint/varnish where my cottage is located, so I'll need to bring it with.  How do I estimate the quantity to bring?

  • Hello Paul.

    I can't speak about varnish. 

    I got two coats of Two-in-one primer/undercoat onto my Expedition. Roller application. I didn't need the entire contents from the 2 x 750 ml cans, maybe 1 Litre will do.

  • For topcoat, I expect choosing only one colour is most economical. 

    I choose two colours, blue and orange. 

  • The blue worked well with the my choice of primer colour. I got two coats on the sides and hatch lids from one 750ml can

  • The orange did not work well with the dark coloured primer. 

    I put four coats on the bottom, it's still not great, used a lot of paint.

    Now I'm turning my attention towards the deck. I have bought a third 750ml can of primer, white, and a second 750ml can of orange. Im hopeful applying the white primer will mean only two coats of orange will be required. 


  • Hope this helps Paul.

    Best of luck now.


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