Expedition cockpit coaming

  • After struggling to dryfit the cockpick coaming in place, I compared the supplied coaming to the drawing and noticed that the notch/curve is very different.  Am I supposed to cut the shape from the plans into the supplied coaming pieces?  Or otherwise I'm not sure how to make it fit, as the curved part won't contact the deck.


  • Morning Tom.  Apologies for the confusion.  Some of the pieces have changed slightly from the initial plans version to the kit version.  Tweaks have been made for economy of wood or ease of installation (as with the hatch surrounds).  I've put it on the to-do list to modify the kit-supplied plans to reflect these changes.

    I believe the revised curvature (the one on your pieces) more closely reflects the curvature of the deck.  It's a tricky shape to achieve perfect contact because it ends up being two curves coming together, therefore any variation in either of the two curves can make a big difference in position.  If there are gaps, it's not a problem, as both sides get filled with epoxy fillets, so any holes or gaps will be filled with epoxy and sanded..

  • For what it's worth, I realized that I had some spare plywood I could use to cut out the version from the plans and compare - it fit MUCH better so I modified the kit coaming to match the plans, and now it fits BEAUTIFULLY.  I guess it just goes to show there's some variation in how deck curvature turns out.  

  • Interesting to hear that. I'll look into it and see if there's some kind of an error.  I'm glad to hear it worked out for you.  

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