Sliding Seat System for Annapolis Wherry

by 2352

A few people have asked about the possibility of using our rowing system in the Annapolis Wherry. It works just fine, however, a few modifications have to be made to fit the wherry. Below I've posted some photos and comments of a customer that utilized our system for his wherry. "I needed to make sure that I could remove the rig entirely to keep the boat light for car-topping and to keep the seats free for an optional two rowers." A) The rig in place. The aft part sits between two tabs on the bulkhead. The for part is bolted through the seat. Since the bottom of the boat is slightly concave, I was able to plane the runners and cross pieces to rest snugly on the bottoom. B) The aft part of the rig between the tabs. C) The aft part of the rig being lifted out. D) The fore part of the rig being lifted out. The wherry's seats are fixed in place. The bolt hole is visible. The rig's cross member rest against the seat when the rig is in place, preventing any fore-and-aft movement. E) The rig sitting half pulled up.



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