DVD: The Yenisey River Expedition

The first ever descent, from source to sea, of the 5540 kilometre Yenisey River, set against a backdrop of fairytale cultures and forbidding wilderness. Winner of 5 awards including Best Adventure Film at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival.

The Yenisey River is born in the heart of Mongolia and flows north, through Siberia, and on the the Arctic Ocean. It is the fifth longest river on the planet , and at the arrival of the new millennium no one had ever navigated its entirety.

Colin, along with his adventuring friends, Ben Kozel, Remy Quinter and Tim Cope, endeavored to be the first to run the Yenisey. The 5,540 km river is frozen for more than half the year, so the small team would have just a five month window to accomplish this feat.

Dramatic footage captures their successful journey and provides an intimate perspective of a frozen nation emerging from the collapse of communism.

Length: 59 Minutes

Released: 2003



Best Adventure Film - Telluride Mountain Film festival
Best Adventure Film – Wet West Film Festival
Best Film, Water Division - Slovakian Mountain Film Festival
Judge’s Special Prize - Kendal Mountain Film Festival
People's Choice - Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

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