Book: Amazon Extreme - Three Men, a Raft, and the World's Most Dangerous River | by Colin Angus

The hair-raising true story of the first team to raft the entire length of the Amazon.

To a trio of twenty-something adrenaline junkies, it sounded like an irresistible challenge: Tackle the Amazon with nothing more than a rubber raft between them and fate.In Amazon Extreme Colin Angus provides a you-are-there account of his expedition’s terrors and triumphs.

In spite of Shining Path gunmen, mosquito-laden drinking water, and, of course, the terrifying rapids themselves, his crew also found a reverence for the equally compelling beauty that makes this region so renowned. Graceful dolphins, lush forests, and the intriguing people who live along the river complete the backdrop as Angus’s five-month excursion unfolds. Culminating in an astonishing victory that garnered major media coverage, this is the story of three guys who truly went off the deep end, and one who came back to write a riveting recollection of it.


Review Quotes

”Sure, the information about the Amazon is fascinating, but what lingers is the sensation that we have completed they voyage with the authors. This is adventure writing at its best”
—Library Journal (assigned a star for unusual merit)

“A fine, old-fashioned adventure. . . . The kind of journey that makes the reader’s armchair feel particularly warm.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Not for the faint of heart . . . a riveting book that combines adventure, excitement, and human drama.”
—The Tampa Tribune

“Audacious and humble….the feat itself is remarkable: Three young gringos with no sponsors, limited linguistic skills, and inadequate maps survive everything from no-exit gorges and fusillades from Shining Path holdouts to an ill-fated attempt to ferry two local men and an eight-year-old girl across thundering rapids—an episode that Angus uses to exquisitely capture the vanity and cultural dissonance inherent in contemporary expeditioning.”
- Outside Magazine


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