Sailing Conversion Digital Plans

The Sailing Conversion plans converts a canoe or rowboat into a sailing vessel. Originally designed for the RowCruiser, this system can be used on a wide range of canoes and rowboats.  It utilizes a trimaran setup that has been carefully designed so the sliding seat is not impeded by the amas (outriggers) or the sailing rig. The amas are shaped so that the buoyancy kicks in quickly, providing significant lift with moderate submersion. In addition, the bottoms are shaped to plane easily at low speeds, further reducing friction.


Digital Plans Package Contents

Our Digital Plans Package will be available for download immediately after purchase. It includes PDF files for the full-sized plans and manual, so you can have them printed at a local print shop capable of large format printing. It also includes DXF files, providing the option of cutting the plywood at a local CNC shop.


List of Included Items

  • Detailed PDF Manual
  • Full-sized Plans in PDF (See Plans Page)
  • DXF files for plans to be cut at a CNC shop

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