Carbon Fiber Sculling Oars - Two-Part


Our break-apart carbon fiber sculling oars are the pinnacle of both performance and practicality.  There's no getting around it, sculling oars are ridiculously long - about 9.5 feet.  While this is ideal when in use, the oars become a headache when being stowed or transported.  They won't fit in most vehicles, they can be challenging to stow when not rowing, and for air-travel or shipping they can become a show-stopper.

Our impeccable precision-fit two part system resolves this elephant in the boat without compromising performance.  These lightweight carbon-fiber oars are strong, lightweight and feel just like normal sculling oars. 

While the price of our oars is about the same as equivalent one-piece carbon sculling oars,  shipping costs are significantly less.  Most retailers charge $150-$200 to ship sculling oars to customers in North America due to oversize shipping penalties.  Our shipping rates average about $60, reducing overall costs by about $100.

The oars come complete with sleeves and buttons, and are ready for use out the box. The adjustable handles allow a length range of 9' 5" - 9' 7". .  Currently, we just offer blades in the more popular hatchet style which is efficient and effective for both recreational and performance rowing.

We also sell carry bags custom designed to fit these oars.  They can be purchased here.

  Oars are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.  They are sold as pairs. 

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