Kairos 4 Two

  • At some point in the future my double-seater Kairos4Two will become available for new adventures. In 2022 we took her all the way to Ketchikan, as a successful participation in the R2AK. Please see the Portrait in Soundings or this article. Let me know if you you'd like to be notified.

  • Beautiful boat, nice build and congrats on finishing R2AK !!

  • Hi Joachim - hey, yes I'd like to be notified when you sell Kairos4Two! I'm the one who just didn't have enough cash to swing the deal when you were leaving Seattle with Kairos the first! By the time you got in touch with me selling the main hull only, it was in Connecticut - and I'm still in Seattle. I still have your number, I'll text you! 

  • If by any chance you're still going to sell her my dad and I would be interested! We've been thinking about trying to modify the plans to build a two-seater to do the r2ak. Alternatively if you have more information about your mods that you're willing to share that would be amazing!!

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