Oxford Wherry kit dimensions

  • What's the size of the Oxford Wherry kit? I'm going to have store this kit for a couple of months before I start building and need to know how much space I need. Thanks.

  • Hello Hank,

    The Oxford Wherry kit is comprised of three boxes.  The largest is 99x11x3". The other two are 13x13x13" and 39x19x4"


  • Thanks, Colin. It's a pretty compact kit! I can store that easily. They actually arrived a couple days ago. My wife bought this kit for my birthday - which is why you don't see my name on your customer list.

  • No problem!  Yeah, the kits are surprisingly compact - it's magic how big of a boat comes out of them.  Thanks for the purchase and let us know if you have any questions throughout the build.

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