Bow hatch for a sailing rowcruiser

  • The sailing version of the RowCruiser is likely to ship more water at higher sailing speeds than the rowing version.  The forward deck hatch in the plans is prone to leak in these conditions.  The alternative of having an access hatch in the cabin (through the forward bulkhead) is limited by the mast support and has the added disadvantage of not having an easily accessible anchor and ground tackle.

    A standard commercial 8-inch plastic deck hatch would be an alternative but the curvature of the foredeck means that a "plinth" would need to be constructed so that the hatch could bed onto a level surface.  This could be a bit unsightly and difficult to build (it would need to be at least half an inch high at the outside point).

    Has anyone come across a solution?  I would be interested to hear how others have dealt with the issue

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