RowCruiser Cabin Dimensions

  • Hi there,


    RowCruiser looks like a really great boat.  I'm tall (6'5") and I'm wondering if I'd be able to sleep comfortably in the cabin.  What is the length of the cabin?





  • Hello Alan,

    For our plans version of the RowCruiser, the cabin is 6' 2".  It can, however, be stretched very easily by simply moving the forward bulkhead a few inches forward (a slight bit of material needs to be shaved off.  For our digital version of the RowCruiser (for CNC cutting) we have tweaked the design slightly and moved the bulkhead forward so it is now 6' 6" in length.

  • @Colin Angus That's great news thanks Colin.  I just realized I didn't use the correct naming.  I'm actually asking about the Sailing RowCruiser.  Would there be any difference in performing the same bulkhead modification on the sailing version?

  • Yeah, the regular RowCruiser and the sailing RowCruiser are exactly the same with regards to the basic central hull.  The one difference is you have the mast mount against the forward bulkhead which takes up a small bit of room.  What some have done is placed this mount on the other side of the bulkhead to maximize space in the main compartment.  This is pretty easy to do, and just requires moving the forward hatch forward a bit.

  • @Colin Angus Good to know, thanks again.  I see that there is no kit for the Sailing RowCruiser on the website.  Will one be available at some point in the future?

  • We were selling kits through Small Craft Advisor, but they've shifted gears, so we're in a bit of a transition period with RowCruiser kits.  A good alternative is to get the DXF plans and have a local cnc shop cut the pieces out for you.

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