Wheelbarrow Dinghy has come to life!

  • In 1987, a pilot by the name of Robert Plath invented a new kind of suitcase.  It had two wheels and a rigid stowaway handle.  While a pretty basic concept, it was revolutionary compared to what already existed (suitcases with no or four wheels and leash), and now almost every suitcase is designed in this style.  

    We feel it's the same with our new Wheelbarrow dinghy. The general concept is the boat converts to a wheelbarrow by using the oars as handles, and having a wheel built into the bow. It feels so awesome, comfortable and easy to transport, its hard to understand why every dinghy in the world isn't designed this way.  Folding wheels or compact dollies just aren't the same. Harry Brian of Nova Scotia was the first to offer plans for a wheelbarrow boat, but our version is the first designed for stich and glue construction.  

    We designed the boat for performance, looks, light weight and ease of construction.  The prototype has been rigorously tested, and we are thrilled with the results.  We are offering the boat as plans, kits and digital plans, and they are now ready for pre-order.  You can find out more about the boat here.

  • I love the concept!! I have a Catalina 27, and  I struggle to move my current tender around.  This looks like it would be perfect.  Not sure if it would fit on the deck, so I'll probably be towing it most of the time.  How well do you think this boat would tow?

  • It should tow well, though we haven't actually tested it yet.  The big skeg on the back will keep it pointing forward, and the boat should plane over the surface at higher speeds.  Ample freeboard and the raised bow should keep most waves and splashing out.  Again, that's all theoretical, so I'll report back once we've actually done some towing.

  • Fantastic concept! Really love the simplicity & utility of it - and it looks as though she moves through the water pretty nicely too!

    Can't help thinking that this could be nicely adapted to a bicycle-towable variant. And with a bit of thought, a basic cuddy/cabin could be added (timber frame & canvas perhaps) to make it a simple creek or canal exploring "overnighter".

    I always liked the bike boat camper concept a design student came up with a year or two back, though it was a bit rudimentary and I never found plans (images below). It appeals to my liking of simple, well designed kit to get on the water and/or camping simply & cheaply! Your wheelbarrow dinghy might be the ideal starting point for some experimentation...

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