Completed sailing Rowcruiser!

  • Finished my boat and been enjoying learning how to handle it, no big adventures yet, hope to remedy that soon. I completed the main hull and was able to row it late September last year, finished the sailing bits in early July this year. Lengthened the amas to 9' as some others have done, used xps foam instead of ply stich and glue, since this pic have painted so they are not so funky looking. Used Scout and Portage pram sails from Duckworks instead of spec'd sails, seem to work pretty well. Hit 11.2 knots the other day in 20ish knt winds after tinkering with the running rigging a bit from this pic- differnt mainsheet set up and better outhauls. Sails are designed to use windsurf masts- crazy flex! Waiting for something to break in a big gust but so far so good, and I guess the flex reduces the stress on the mast partners and the rest of the boat so...

  • Pretty strong, but not overpowering, weather helm when pressed hard, no fault of the design I'm sure, likely from venturing away from the rec'd sails. I also moved the forward bulkhead forward a bit and the mast ahead of the bulkhead to provide enough room to sleep in the cabin at 6'2". 

  • I love it!  Interesting to see use of the Scout and Portage pram sails.  They go nicely with the boat.  I see the forward sail has reefing capabilities, which is useful.  I'm interested to hear more about the XPS foam compared to okoume in terms of cost, ease of use, and overall finished weight.  What size of sheets and thickness does it come in?  And how much glass did you put on both sides?

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