Oars For Oxford Wherry - Fixed Seat

  • Afternoon,

    Looking at the site, and the information on oar plans, in the description it says:

    "While these instructions/plans are for sculling oars, they can be adapted for building solid-shaft fixed seat oars."

    Quick question, what is the adaption, and is this covered in the plans/instruction manual for the oars?



  • Hi Steve - Basically, the only thing that needs to change to make them suitable for fixed seat rowing is the length.  This would involve following all the steps in the manual/plans, however the length of the pieces of wood for the shaft would be shortened to the desired length.  You do not need to adjust the rate of taper for the shaft (in order to be proportionate), but would simply "chop" it at whatever length you are aiming for.  This isn't covered in the manual, but if you have any further questions on the process, I can describe it here.

  • Morning Colin,

    That helps greatly and makes total sense.  Kind of what I thought, but always good to ask.

    Cheers Steve

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