Surf Landings in a Rowboat

  • I'm relatively new to rowing, but plan on building one of your Expedition boats.  I live in SW Australia and will need to launch and return from the beach most of the time.  Waves can be pretty big as it's exposed to the open ocean.  Is it possible to do surf launch/landings with a rowboat, and do you have any advice for a novice?  I do have experience doing surf landings with a kayak and I do a lot of surfing, so I'm familiar with the general physics of the situation.

  • One other thing I forgot to mention - I do have a small open rowboat (fixed seat).  Do you think it would be worth practicing in that while I'm buiding the Expedition?  Do you think there's much crossover, or would I be wasting my time?

  • I've done quite a number of beach landings on the Expedition.  Usually successfully, but not always.  When the waves are big enough, if you get caught in the whitewater coming in, you're likely going to broach.  I find the speed and acceleration of the Expedition are a huge benefit.  When coming in I sit just out from the break and watch the waves for a while.  I also look out to sea to because sometimes you'll get a monster breaking from behind (row out fast if you see one building).  I wait until a big set has just passed, and then start sprinting as fast as I can just behind an incoming wave.  You can usually make it in between sets.   Going out is usually easier because  you're going into the waves, though you may get very wet.  If you do roll or go over, be very careful not to get hit by the riggers or flailing oars.   

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