Sailing RowCruiser Supplies List

Here you'll find the supplies needed to build the Sailing RowCruiser and suggested retailers that sell them.

Some of the materials required to build the Sailing RowCruiser will be hard to find in your local hardware stores. We have compiled a list of the more obscure items, and links to where you can purchase them. The remaining items – plywood, wood, sanding supplies, can be purchased at your local builders supply.

Our Sailing RowCruiser's resource section offers additional information and instruction for building this boat.

Intensity Sails (Sails and Masts)

Two Bic O’Pen Sails 

Two Bic O’Pen Batten Sets 

Intensity Sails Total: $519.96 plus S&H


(Additional Sail Components)

Two Forked Gooseneck for Bic Open 

Two O’pen Mast Support Step Deck

Two Bic O'Pen Mast


Duckwors online chandlery has compiled all the hardware required for the sailing RowCruiser into one simple package.  You can find it here:  Duckworks Sailing RowCruiser Hardware


McMaster Carr

End Caps (1.5” od fit) $8.14

McMaster Carr total: $8.14 plus S&H


 Sources for Additional Materials:

Lumber for Akas – clear pine (Home depot)

Aluminum for booms: available at metal dealers (such as Metal Supermarket), 14’ is required of 1.5” od with 1/16”-thick walls.

Stainless Hardware: Nuts bolts etc (quite an assortment is required for affixing all the hardware – any good hardware store should have the required hardware 

Fiberglass/epoxy supplies ( There should be sufficient epoxy supplies left over from the materials purchased for the main RowCruiser hull to complete the sailing components. Any additional materials (glass cloth, etc) required can be purchased at 

Okoume Plywood: two sheets of 4 ml Lloyds approved okoume