Bumbleebee Sailboat Supplies List

Bumblebee Sailboat Supplies List

Here you'll find the supplies needed to build the Bumblebee Sailboat and suggested retailers that sell them.

Some of the materials required to build the Bumblebee will be hard to find in your local hardware stores. We have compiled a list of the more obscure items, and links to where you can purchase them. All of these items can be purchased in three locations – Duckworks.com, Amazon.com and Sailrite.

The remaining items – plywood, wood, sanding supplies, basic electrical supplies, can be purchased at your local builders supply.

Our Bumblebee Builder's resource section offers additional information and instruction for building this boat.


Supplies from Duckworks:

Three quarts Raka epoxy kit ($59)

18-gauge copper wire ($6.61)

One pound wood flour ($5.50)

Two yards glass cloth ($13)

Two Rudder Hinges ($8.90)

1” round stainless ring ($2.05)

10’ quarter inch rope ($4.20)

Duckworks Total: $99.26 plus S&H

Supplies from Amazon.com:

Shoreline 1100 GPH Bilge pump ($23.35)

Note: It is important that the correct model of bilge pump is used to fit our design

12 Volt Lead Acid Battery of Dimensions: 6 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches ($27.01)

Note: The battery needs to be this size to fit in the battery box.

Amazon Total: $50.36 plus S&H

Supplies from SailRite:

1 yard 60” wide 1.5 oz ripstop nylon ($9.90)

Total from SailRite: $9:90 plus S&H