Sliding Seat and Rigger System

This simple and robust rowing system is half the cost and weight of standard drop-in units. It is designed to work with all our boats, and many other vessel designs such as canoes or CLC rowing craft. It allows you to use a classic wooden rowing system in your boat instead of a metal frame or curved laminate rigger, which is notorious for having too much flex for effective rowing. This rowing system has proven to be robust and effective. It has been rigorously tested, rowing more than 10,000 miles, often in extreme conditions, without failure.

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Weight (with carbonfiber seat): 14 lbs (6.35 kg)
Weight (with maple seat): 16 lbs (7.25 kg)


Hollow Shaft Wooden Sculling Oars

Hollow-shaft spoon-blade sculling oars are a beautiful match for your wooden boat. These oars are an economical and gorgeous alternative to fiberglass/carbon oars. The shaft is constructed to the same specs that have been developed by top engineers, and tried and tested for decades in the competitive racing world. We have, however, tweaked the blade shape and design to simplify construction as much as possible. Most importantly, we have spent months dissecting the build process, distilling it into a simple step-by-step method that can be accomplished by first time oar builders.

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Weight (pair): 4.5 lbs (2 kg)


Sailing Conversion System for Canoe/RowCruiser

Convert your canoe or rowboat into a sailboat. This system uses a trimaran setup with two ammas (outriggers) providing stability as well as a removeable daggerboard. Care has been taken to make a system that is strong and light, and strategies such as our hollow akas ensure we achieve both. The retractable rudder and innovative steering system ensure that you can easily maneuver your boat.

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