Sailing row cruiser sails

  • I will be building the sailing row cruiser soon and have a question about the sail rig I think I want. I am not a sailor but know the basics. I know it's important to get balance and size right. I want to be able to easily reef without having to switch sails and masts. The sails I think I want are from Sailrite; Nutshell Pram 9'6" Lug 55sqft and Nutshell Pram 7'7" Lug 37sqft for the mizzen. Both have single reef points. Should I get a second reef at least on the main? I will  build the spars and will design them as light a posable. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks

  • @Daniel Randazzo 

    and it will be rigged as a balanced lug rig. Or would another method of rigging be better. 

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