DVD: Amazon From Source to Sea

The Amazon River begins as a maelstrom of whitewater high up in the Andes Mountains. From eighteen thousand feet, it cascades down to the Amazon Basin below, traveling through deep fractured canyons and lush jungle until 7,200 km later it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1999 a small multi-national team,Colin Angus of Canada, Ben Kozel of Australia, and Scott Borthwick of South Africa, set out to run the full length of the world's mightiest river. They were shot at by Shining Path Guerillas, nearly died of thirst in the desert, and repeatedly capsized in adrenaline pounding rapids. After five months they reached the Atlantic coast, becoming the third team to travel the Amazon's length and the first to raft it.

Their dramatic footage captures the beauty and terror of a journey through a majestic but dangerous land.

Length: 46 Minutes

Released: 2003



Winner of the Jean-Marc Boivin award - Dijon International Festival of Adventure Films
Best Amateur Film – Waterwalker Film Festival

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