Where To Purchase Rowing Components

  • Being the "far side of the pond" in old Blighty, it is not necessarily cost effective, quick or practical to use some of the excellent suppliers in the US for components for a build, and one area that hasn't really been flagged on any of the previous build forums has been where to get components for the rowing parts of the rig here in the UK.

    When I acquired Golden Pearl, the original builder retained all the rowing components, as he had already embarked on the build of a scaled up & modified version of the Sailing Rowcruiser (cabin for 2 people retractable amas/akas) and knew he'd be reusing them.

    He did, however, kindly direct me to Rowing Centre UK (rowing centre.co.uk) who have been really helpful and had pretty much everything you could possibly need available through their webshop.

    Happy to recommend them for anyone in the UK!

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