Row Cruiser Sailing rig

  • Hello from Germany.
    My name is Ralf and I've been building a row cruiser for the last year.
    I have a question about the sailing.
    Does anyone have experience with installing a roller mast system, like installed in the Hobie Adventure, with 1 central mast.
    I would like to continue using the cabin, so a mast support is probably out of the question.
    Maybe someone has an idea?
    Many greetings

  • @Ralf Dose while this post doesn't tell you how to install it per se, there are some really good images to give you ideas:

    and a really great closeup walkaround of a Hobie version here:

  • I have basically the same question regarding the use of Hobie parts in order to have furling sails:

    What Hobie parts would be necessary to enable furling on the sailing rowcruiser?

    Would modifications to the rowcruiser mast steps be necessary to accomodate the furling mast base?

    One of the alternative rigs shows a Hobie Tandem Island mainsail with a Hobie kayak mizzen -- does that balance out well?

    Other ideas regarding a quickly furled or reefed sailplan that points reasonably well?



    Any better ideas for a sail plan with 


    Is much modification to the 

  • @Eric Miller

    Hi Eric, Thank you for this input.

    Unfortunately the Hobie parts are very expensive in Germany, so I decided to use two simple lugger sails. I hope to finish the Rowcruiser next month. For this year only for rowing.



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