• I was just hoping to get a couple details about the oars cleared up for me.

    First, it's my understanding that an order for the sculling oars does come with button/collars included. If so do they come tightly packaged by themselves or are they already attached to the sleeves?

    Second, When ordered are the oar sleeves properly positioned for feathering or will I need to set/ adjust that?

    Thanks so much guys. Gill #3094

  • Hello Brently,

    The sleeves are in position, at the proper angle for optimal feathering.  The buttons are not pre-instaled, but can be positioned in minutes.  By moving the buttons in or out along the sleeve allows you to adjust both the inboard and the outboard (one at the expense of the other), while the inboard can be further adjusted by moving the handle in or out of the oar.

  • Are the buttons included or purchased separately?


  • Yes, the buttons are included.

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