Materials Wood Epoxy and such

  • I'm ok at making saw dust but my knowledge of the various flavours of wood and their standards is limited. The manual mentions; 

    2 knot-free spruce construction 2x4’s 10 feet long

    4 knot-free spruce 2x4’s 8 feet long

    1 knot-free spruce 2x4’ 10 feet long

    Is this the spruce found at large retailers (SPF), with no knots or is this the spruce kept in a vault at the specialty wood emporium?

    Thank you

  • I don't have a table saw, so decided to sidestep that whole question, by buying 3/4 x 3/4 stock from clc. Even comes pre-scarffed. Wasn't cheap, but it was less expensive than a table saw

  • Pine is also suitable, and can be found more readily.  Here, you can find clear lenghts of 3/4" pine planks at Home Depot.  These are relatively easy to cut, since only one side needs to be ripped.  Another option is cherrry picking through the construction 2x4s.  While most is knotty or low quality, if you have enough stock to go through, you can often get lucky and find fully clear pieces.  The 2x4s are usually pine or spruce - either being good.  It's a bit like gold prospecting, where you get nuggets for rock bottom prices.

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