Hull epoxy

  • In the direction for applying epoxy on finger joints the secion for kits does mention doing both sides after 24 hour cure. However the section for people building from scratch it does. Should the kit pieces b3 done both sides? Dean

  • Hi Dean - The procedure is a little different for finger joints compared to those building from scratch.  When building from plans, the jointing method doesn' t use finger joints, instead it requires laying a swath of fiberglass cloth and epoxy on both sides.  The finger joints, on the other hand, don't require the fiberglass.  Instead, the joints are simply thoroughly coated in epoxy and then mated together - no fiberlass required on either side (until the boat is later fiberglassed).  Here's a video of the process here:

  • @Colin Angus Thank you. 

  • @Dean Godshall I didn't. You're going to glass the hull anyway, so if the finger joints were well saturated it won't be a problem.

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