Rowcruiser Assembly

  • I am really impressed with the layout and plans for this boat. I ordered the plans set and CNC cut my own parts with the DXF files supplied. Using all 1/4 inch 1088 merante plywood for the build so it will be a little heavier than the estimated overall weight but not too much. The components have gone together without any  issues so far. Decided to use zip ties and pvc pipe (holds the edges even) for assembly versus copper wire. Getting ready to lock the whole unit together with epoxy tacks this week.

  • Wow, your boat is looking fantastic!   I'm glad it's coming together so well for you - looks like good precision cnc work.  Do you have your own CNC machine?  Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to seeing continued progress on your boat.

  • Thanks Colin. Fun boat to put together. I do not own a CNC, just access when needed. Ready to cut all of the ties off and begin glassing the interior.

  • Completed glassing the front and rear compartments. The bottom fillet at the stern required a fan to keep it cool during curing. That is a lot of thickened epoxy in one location.

  • Bow compartment complete. I grabbed the 4 inch wide roll of fiberglass tape off the shelf by mistake and installed it before realizing I had the wrong width. A little more weight for the bow.

  • David,

    im right behind you on the build. Getting ready to cut all the pieces in the next week or so. I'll be following along. I do like how clean you build looks so far. 

  • Keep at it Daniel. Cutting the parts is a fun job and exciting to hold the parts in your hands. I finished glassing the inside and turned the hull over to prepare the exterior for fiberglass.


  • Applied the two layers of fiberglass to the exterior hull. I am looking forward to working on the interior components and decking next.

  • Transom glass applied.

  • Fitting components for air chambers. 

  • @David S hi David,


    I have zero experience in this sort of thing. All I have is space to work on a boat and lots of time. Is there any room for error with fiber glass or securing seams together?


    Not the best at craftmanship, but I do love the water. Can't find a better boat option out there than this too.  I appreciate all the updates you're doing. Really helpful for a newbie

  • Cut access holes in the flotation chambers and fitting the chamber tops. Getting close to installing decks.

  • Working on finishing all of the interior fillets prior to installing the decks. These are the air chamber compartment fillets.

  • I appreciate the updates too. Your attention to detail looks supreme.

  • Thank you Josh. The air chambers are assembled and the rear deck is on. Moving on to the front deck next.

  • The front deck is on ( 6mm plywood) and the hold down screws removed and holes filled in. I will apply 6 oz. glass cloth next to the decks.

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