Sliding Seat/Rigger Hardware Kit with Maple Wood Seat

Our drop-in rowing unit is designed to work with all our boats. It can also be used in many other vessel designs such as canoes or CLC rowing craft. We have tested this system with over 10,000 miles of rowing, often in extreme conditions, without failure.

This system was designed as an inexpensive and lightweight alternative to the standard drop-in rowing units which weigh 20-24 lbs and start at about $650. Our system weighs 16 lbs (with maple seat), and total cost to build is about $350.

Our kits include high-quality components, stainless hardware, plans and manual. Additional materials required are wood, epoxy supplies, and paint. If you’ve completed a boatbuilding project you likely will have leftover glass/epoxy that can be used. The wood used to build the illustrated unit cost $23 at our local Home Depot.

The seat is traditional double-action maple seat and the aluminum tracks are 32" in length. Please note that 32” is ample length, even for those with long legs, however, they may need to be adjusted (moved back or forward) for different sized rowers. Alternatively our carbon fibre seat kit uses 35" tracks, which can accommodate a greater range of leg lengths without requiring adjustment.

Kit includes the following items:

  • Concept 2 gated oarlocks
  • Stainless steel oarlock pins
  • Stainless securing bolts
  • Seat undercarriage
  • Wheels and axles
  • Concept 2 foot holders
  • Additional stainless hardware
  • Manual
  • Full sized plans
  • maple seat
  • 32" aluminum tracks

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