Bumblebee Sailboat Complete

The Bumblebee is for the pint-sized mariner. This boat is perfect for kids aged 2-5 and is the only boat on the market that allows children this young to learn to sail. Our goal was not only to develop a sailboat suitable for young children, but also to develop a system that appeals to their sense of learning. Learning to sail with the Bumblebee relies on the process of play and learning through trial and error instead of commands or instructions. They can first learn to steer with the motor, and the sail can later be introduced when the child has mastered the tiller and is comfortable with the boat.

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Complete Finished Sailboat

The completed Bumblebee is ready to go.  Everything except the battery (which can easily be ordered on Amazon) is included with the completed boat.  Just insert the battery, and you're ready to start sailing.

The hull is painted white with high quality marine polyurethane, and the interior is finished with marine varnish for an eye-catching combination.

List of Included Items

  • Completed hull and fittings
  • Mast and rudder
  • Bilge pump impeller motor
  • Bumblebee Sail made from robust nylon sail material and 3 fiberglass battens

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